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Does a Swimming Pool Heat Pump Work in Cold Weather?

Whether you live in the north east or in another country with cold winter seasons you may wonder if a swimming pool heat pump would be a good investment for you. In this article, we will explain how a heat pump works in cold weather and how it can help…

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Why Isn’t My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heating?

Every swimming pool heating system has its share of problems, and heat pumps are no exception: over the years, we at AquaCal have helped many customers solve their heat pump problems. If you notice that your heat pump is not heating your swimming pool, there are a few things you…

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How Often Should I Run My Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

If you have a swimming pool heat pump, you probably wonder how often you should be running it. This is certainly understandable because many AquaCal customers struggle with the same issue. So in order to address this subject and to help others, we explain how often you should run your…

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Why Is My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Covered in Ice? A Troubleshooting Guide

One very common question asked by first-time swimming pool heat pump owners – particularly by those living in colder climates – is: “Why is my unit covered in ice?” Having serviced heat pumps for over 30 years, we at AquaCal know not only what causes this ice formation, but also…

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The Best Ways to Heat a Swimming Pool Without the Sun

If you own an indoor swimming pool or you live in an area that rarely sees sunlight, solar energy is not a reliable heat source. Fortunately, several alternatives to solar heating exist, some more energy-efficient and cost-effective than others. In this article, we discuss different ways in which you can…

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