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Water Source Heat Pump Questionnaire
Approximate lead times:
Water Source: 2 weeks
SunPower: 2 weeks
Lead times may vary. Contact factory for details.

General Information

AquaCal’s Technical Support Department will contact you to confirm site conditions before building your custom equipment. If you have questions regarding this form, please contact the Technical Support Department at 727.823.5642

Project Information

Source Water Supply Information


Electrical Supply Information


To fully understand all aspects needed for proper operation of this equipment, review the OPERATION and INSTALLATION MANUAL FOR WATER SOURCE AND SUNPOWER HEAT PUMPS (available at Owners Manual- Section 4 Installation- Pages 11-31). 
If Flows are Subject to Exceed Maximum Limits, AquaCal® recommends the "External 2" Bypass Kit" part number STK 0135

We recommend a Preventive Maintenance program to dodge problems before they occur.

Contact Jim Johndro at for additional questions.

NOTE: For startup, balancing of flow rates, and servicing of equipment, ball valves (inlet and outlet) and Pressure/Temperature Ports (inlet and outlet) are supplied for both the source and pool water connections.


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