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Introducing the new look of the HeatWave SuperQuiet®, the TOP selling and most sought after heat pump on the market. With a pure Titanium ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger at its core – the HeatWave SuperQuiet® Series offers you optimum return on your money.

All of our HeatWave SuperQuiet® Heat Pumps are fully tested and certified by AHRI. Making the right choice just got a whole lot easier. Some of the HeatWave SuperQuiet® models are ICEBREAKERS®, which heat and cool the pool. The ICEBREAKER® units extend the swimming season longer than any other heat pump by continuing to operate in low temperatures.

Rated in accordance with ARI standard 1160.
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AHRI’s globally recognized and industry respected heat pump pool heaters certification program provides outstanding value to equipment and component manufacturers, customers, and government regulators. AHRI Certified® products are subject to rigorous and continuous testing by a third-party laboratory under contract to AHRI. Only products certified by AHRI are listed in AHRI’s Directory of Certified Product Performance, a real-time database at web page. More information can be found online on the heat pump pool heaters Certification Program (web page), and the heat pump pool heaters contractors (web page).

California residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning


The only heat pump that allows you to maximize the potential savings of a variable speed pump is an AquaCal®, which utilizes our patented ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger technology with its unique flow characteristics.

• Patented hydraulic design adds only 1 PSI at 30 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps.
• Saves money when using a variable speed pump by reducing the RPM needed to achieve the same flow rate.
• Save money in a single speed pump application by reducing the run time needed to achieve the same turnover rate of the pool.

Corrosion Proof Cabinet  

• Louvered side panels protect evaporator coil while ensuring efficient air flow
• Rust and fade proof
• Impact resistant
• Built-in drain pan provides condensate management


• Air Flow Vectoring Top protects internal components from weather and debris while ensuring optimal air flow

Microprocessor Controlled  with Digital Display

• Flip-out control panel is out of sight, protected against sun and weather
• Lockable panel provides security from others changing the temperature
• Accurate and easy-to-read bright blue display
• On-board self diagnostics
• Microprocessor controlled defrost cycle

ThermoLink®  Titanium Heat Exchanger

• Patented counter-flow water management system
• Patented hydraulic design adds only 1 PSI at 30 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps
• Impervious to chemical corrosion
• Durability without sacrificing performance
• Lifetime warranty

Additional Feature

IceBreaker® Technology:Heat & Cool Models

• Extends swimming season longer than any other heat pump on the market
• Continue to heat at freezing temperatures to minimize heat loss
• Cool your pool to a refreshing temperature
• Set to heat, cool or autotemp

Brochures & Manuals

pdf iconInstallation Manuals
pdf iconOperation Manuals
pdf iconBrochure 60Hz
pdf iconBrochure 60Hz (Spanish)
pdf iconBrochure 50Hz
pdf iconBrochure 50Hz (Spanish)

Specs 60Hz

60 HzSQ125SQ145SQ225SQ120RSQ166R
(water temp/ambient air/relative humidity)
Coefficient of Performance
(water temp/ambient air/relative humidity)
Heat or Heat & CoolHHHH & CH & C
kW Input4.

A - 208-230/60/1
B - 200-230/60/3
E - 380-415/60/3
G - 460/60/3
AA, B & GA, B, E & GA & BA, B, E & G
Maximum Fuse SizeA - 60A - 60
B - 50
G - 20
A - 60
B - 50
E - 30
G - 25
A - 60
B - 50
A - 60
B - 50
E - 30
G - 25
Minimum Circuit AmpacityA - 40.5 A - 42.1
B - 31.0
G - 14.2
A - 42.1
B - 33.3
E - 18.4
G - 16.2
A - 38.5
B - 31.0
A - 42.1
B - 33.3
E - 18.4
G - 16.2
Water Flow

*A Heater Bypass Kit is required when flow rates exceed the maximum

Minimum/Maximum (gpm)30/7030/7030/7030/7030/70
Weight (lbs)268328328268328
Size (lengthxwidthxheight)34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"
Weight (lbs)329390390329390
Size Length x Width x Height (in)38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"

Rated in accordance with ARI standard 1160 water temp/ambient air/relative humidity

360° View

Specs 50Hz

50 HzSQ145SQ225SQ120RSQ166R
KW Output29.335.225.831.7
BTU Output100,000120,00088,000108,000
Coefficient of Performance (C.O.P)
KW Input4.
Heat or Heat & CoolHHH & CH & C

H - 200-240/50/1
D - 380-420/50/3
H & D D H & D D
Minimum Circuit AmpacityH - 38.9

D - 14.2
D - 16.2H - 38.9

D - 14.2
D - 16.2
Maximum Fuse SizeH - 60

D - 20
D - 25 H - 38.9

D - 14.2
D - 25
Water Flow

A Heater Bypass Kit is required when flow rates exceed the maximum

Minimum/Maximum (m3/h)6.8/15.96.8/15.96.8/15.96.8/15.9
Minimum/Maximum (gpm)30/7030/7030/7030/70
Weight (kg)149149115149
Weight (lb)328328253328
Length x Width x Height (cm)87 x 87 x 11287 x 87 x 11287 x 87 x 11287 x 87 x 112
Length x Width x Height (in)34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"34" x 34" x 44"
Weight (kg)177177143177
Weight (lb)390390315390
Length x Width x Height (cm)97 x 92 x 12597 x 92 x 12597 x 92 x 12597 x 92 x 125
Length x Width x Height (in)38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"38" x 36" x 49"


pdf iconNational Warranty Information
pdf iconInternational Warranty Information
pdf iconCanada Warranty Information
pdf iconAustralia Warranty Information
pdf iconNew Zealand Warranty Information
pdf iconWarranty Registration

8 reviews for HeatWave SuperQuiet®

  1. fpalazo

    This thing is awesome it heats the spa really quick and hardly makes any noise at all, If I did not feel the water the only way to tell if it is running is to walk over and see if the fan is spinning. I would defiantly purchase again!!

  2. Jessica Gutierrez

    This heat pump works great!! It heats about one (1) degree per hour, it does consumes about 7.5 Kwh in case you’re wondering, I wish it would be a little more energy efficient, but all the other features and the way it heats up the pool is great. I have a 12,000 gal pool and it heats it up to 86 degrees in about 3-4 hours

  3. Terry Barnett

    Bought a SQ120 IN 2014. Started making a loud noise after about 6 months. Took several repair trips to fix. Now its takes 12+ hours to heat 5 degrees.Very disappointed in this heater. Live in FL. where it is warm….

    • Maria Martinez

      Hello Terry,

      Thanks for taking the time to reach out and share your experience with our team. We’d love to chat with you further to gather more information from you and work towards a resolution. We’ll be reaching out via email, so keep your eyes peeled on your inbox.

  4. Jason

    Product worked well for a little then had to replace screen module… now it registers water at 103 but it’s only 65 so it won’t turn on to heat.

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hi Jason,

      You may have a water temperature sensor issue. Please call us at 727-823-5642 and we will be happy to assist you.

  5. Kim

    Have the same issue as other people. Display shows code ota, apparently it’s an over temperature alarm. Not sure what is going on because the water is barely 70 degrees. Can’t get ahold of anybody because it’s the weekend. Some people work during the week. 😕

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for contacting AquaCal AutoPilot, we are working since Saturday to resolved your issues! We will contact you today to schedule an appointment!

  6. Bobby

    just had a 36×48 unground pool installed. The heater has been on since thursday and the temp is set for 86. But the temp on display has not gotten above 76 degrees. not sure what to do.

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hi Bobby,

      We recommend you call us at 727-823-5642 to gather some more information; i.e. size of the pool (gallons), size of the heat pump, where the pool is locate (city, state, country), etc.

  7. Terry Barnett

    Update to previous email. The company took care of all issues with the heater AND IT HAS BEEN WORKING GREAT FOR THE LAST 2 YEARS.

    UPDATE / The company has taken care of all issues and the heater has been working great for the last 2 years. It heats up quickly and is quiet.I did purchase the extended warranty because of the initial problems we had. After the initial problems it has been trouble free.

  8. Ray Lang

    3rd year on my Aquacal heat pump and I love it. Very quiet, heats fast 22,000 gallon pool. 1 degree per hour. Didn’t have any issue on it. This is a great product for us!

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