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Titanium Heat Exchanger

ThermoLink® is the patented Titanium heat exchanger technology used exclusively in AquaCal®  heat pumps.

At the heart of your AquaCal® heat pump is the patented ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger. The primary cause of premature heat pump demise is the failure of the heat exchanger. Ordinary heat exchangers are made from a cupronickel alloy. This cupronickel material is susceptible to attack from the sanitizers used in pools and spas, and from other related water chemistry conditions. Once the heat exchanger fails, the heat pump is ruined.

The ThermoLink® Heat Exchanger tube is made from titanium, and is virtually impervious to water-chemistry damage.

Titanium is a super-strong and long-lasting metal making it perfect for the pool environment. Not all Titanium heat exchangers are created equal however. Only ThermoLink® Titanium technology uses a patented water management system that maximizes surface contact of pool water with our Titanium Heat Exchanger. This patented hydraulic design adds only 1 PSI at 30 gpm, increasing compatibility with two-speed & variable speed pumps.

This is the most important factor in determining the efficiency of your heat pump. Generally, the greater the heat transfer, the greater the efficiency of your heat pump. And let’s face it, the reason most people buy a heat pump is because they want to get the absolute most for their heating dollar.

AquaCal® heat pumps featuring ThermoLink® Titanium technology offer you maximum strength, durability and performance and we are so sure of it that we guarantee our Titanium Heat Exchanger for the life of your heat pump. This is just one more reason that AquaCal® is America’s leading heat pump manufacturer.

Look For the “Titanium Inside” ThermoLink® Seal …but remember, you’ll only find it on an AquaCal® heat pump!

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