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correct placement of heat pumps

How Far Should the Bushes Be From My Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Placement The correct placement of your new swimming pool heat pump is key to it working properly. On our previous blog we discussed areas where not to install your new system. In this article we will continue to go over the correct placement of your unit, this time focusing on…

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where not to install your heater.

Where Not to Install My Pool Heat Pump

So after all of your research and speaking to different dealers you've decided to go ahead a purchase a swimming pool heat pump, congratulations! As previously recommended, you should be working with a certified pool professional for the installation. However, knowledge is always a good tool to have under your…

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pool preparation

How Do I Prepare My Heat Pump Pool Heater for a Hurricane?

With hurricane season upon us, we have received many questions from customers about protecting their heat pump from the storm. Our systems do not require specific preparation for such weather systems. However, there are steps that can help protect your pool equipment, including your heater, in case of a storm. …

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Why is my swimming pool heater leaking?

Your heat pump may not be leaking; it may just be condensation draining from the unit. When heating, heat pumps can produce upwards of 9 gallons of water an hour depending on the temperature and humidity conditions. This is a natural by-product of the heating process. It is a lot…

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lower swimming pool heating costs

Lower Swimming Pool Heating Costs With These Simple Steps

Customers often come to us and ask how they can make their swimming pool more energy efficient. This is a great question, especially considering how rough the economy has become recently. In this article, we explain a few ways you can easily reduce your heating costs.   Select the right…

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