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How Can I Install a Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

So you have finally decided to purchase a swimming pool heat pump. Congratulations! Now, your heat pump needs to be installed. You should have a licensed swimming pool professional and a licensed electrician install your heat pump in order to ensure that it runs at optimum efficiency and complies with…

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Troubleshooting: My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Will Not Start

Consumers often come to us at AquaCal for help with their swimming pool heat pumps because we have manufactured, distributed, and serviced heat pumps for over 30 years. Sometimes consumers come to us with a simple problem: “my heat pump won’t run.” In order to address this problem and to…

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How Does a Gas Swimming Pool Heater Work?

The other day we were helping a swimming pool owner choose a heating system. He asked us how gas heaters work in order to gain a better understanding of their performance. In this article, we answer his question, and we also provide a few advantages and disadvantages of gas heaters.…

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