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A Review of the World’s Best Commercial Swimming Pool Heat Pump

While talking to one of my colleages in our worldwide division the other day, he was telling me about a project one of his customers was working on in the middle east. They were building a luxury hotel and wanted to be able to heat and cool their pool. Only catch? They had limited room to install the heat pumps.

This of course got me thinking about what if I were in that situation? What would I be able to recommend to my client? Certainly a number of regular heat pumps would be out of the questions due to the lack of room factor, so what to do? Enter the AquaCal® Great Big Bopper® (GBB).



A power house of almost half a million BTU’s all in one unit. It can not only heat your pool but also cool it when necessary, the GBB also has a small footprint cabinet of 54” x 90” x 86” and weighs 1,540 lbs and it is electrostatic painted, making it rust resistent, has a polymer condensate drain system as well as a polymer coated fan grilles.

Equipped with our Thermolink® titanium heat exchanger, we offer free sizing that provides ROI (Return on investment) and cost saving analysis specific for each commercial pool application. The unit comes with a lifetime warranty on the exchanger, multi-system capability, and dual plumbing configuration for simple plumbing from either side.

The Great Big Bopper® offers our counter-flow water management system, quiet fan motors and Scroll compressor. The GBB is a unique commercial swimming pool heat pump and the only one of its kind in the market.

Like other AquaCal® units, the GBB is equipped with the IceBreaker® mode, and will operate when air temperatures drop down and other units would stop running. The IceBreaker® unit still operates in temperatures near freezing, preventing heat loss and aiding with heat recovery.

In Conclusion:
Many other manufacturers offer commercial options. However, those units are gas heaters, not air source heat pumps, making them costly to run. You can still utilize other heat pumps or heaters, but would have to use a number of units in order to achieve the 500,000 BTU’s output that the GBB would provide in just one unit and be cost effective.

Hundreds of GBB heat pumps have been installed in countries world-wide; such as Mexico and the United Arab Emirates. The Great Big Bopper® has proven to be a one-of-a-kind commercial swimming pool heat pump that will provide enjoyment to your customers and allow you to cut heating costs drastically.

Please feel free to contact us should you need to be contacted by one of our commercial specialists or if you have any comments or questions, we would love to help you with your commercial pool project.

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  1. I want to check the water temp in our community pool. Do I need a special thermometer for that and how long do I need to leave the thermometer in the water? Move it to different areas of the pool?

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