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Pool heater not working

Swimming Pool Heater Not Working? Here is how to check:

All heating systems, after a few years of operation, can have their share of problems. Because we have been in the heat pump business for so long, we have had the opportunity to help a lot of our customers when they notice their unit is not working properly. Here are…

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Will a Swimming Pool Heat Pump Work in Dry Climate?

Many articles have been written about air source heat pumps utilizing ambient air to transfer heat instead of creating it, thus, saving you money on electrical use. With that being said, it is also known that air source heat pumps need the humidity from the air to be faster when…

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What is The Highest Temperature a Swimming Pool Heat Pump can Heat To?

One of the many advantages of having a swimming pool heat pump is being able to extend your swimming season. Those of us fortunate enough to live in warm weather can utilize our swimming pools year round thanks to heat pumps. For people who live in colder temperatures a swimming…

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What is the Lowest Temperature in Which My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Can Operate?

Many times we receive email questions or telephone calls from customers in the colder states of the United States or outside the country when winter is approaching. They want to know what the lowest temperature in which their swimming pool heat pump will still operate? This is a valid question…

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