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A Review of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Warranties: Three Aspects You Need to Know

Few swimming pool owners consider manufacturers’ warranties when shopping for swimming pool heat pumps. As with any large investment, you want to protect your heat pump from lasting damage and ensure that it is covered by an appropriate warranty. You should therefore review and compare the warranties offered by different heat pump manufacturers. In this article, we discuss key aspects of heat pump warranties that you should know.


When proper documentation is available, warranties initiate on either the heat pump’s purchase date or installation date. When documentation cannot be provided, warranties initiate after a specific number of days following the manufacture of the unit, depending on the manufacturer. View your heat pump’s warranty document for more information on initiation date.

Parts, on-site labor, heat exchangers, and compressors have different warranty durations. Most manufacturers cover parts and on-site labor for two years and compressors for five years. Duration for heat exchanger coverage, however, varies greatly, depending on the manufacturer. Some offer five-year coverage, while others, like AquaCal, offer lifetime coverage.

Location is another factor that determines warranty length. Contact your manufacturer or visit their website to determine warranty information specific to you area.

Warranty periods for commercial applications vary greatly from those for residential applications. If you are looking to purchase a heat pump for a hotel, condominium, apartment complex, etc., contact your manufacturer or your heat pump professional to obtain warranty information.


Most heat pump manufacturers’ warranties cover parts, on-site labor costs, heat exchangers, and compressors. They do not, however, cover the shipping costs of the product to and/or from the manufacturer. For example, you may be required to return your part to the factory, freight prepaid, in order for the manufacturer to provide warranty service. Warranties also do not cover expendables, such as glue and refrigerants, nor do they cover the transportation charges of factory technical representatives.

Most warranties are void if units are handled by unauthorized individuals. You should always do business with qualified professionals by keeping in mind the following:

  • Purchase your unit from an authorized dealer.
  • Only a licensed installer (plumber and electrician) should install your unit.
  • A qualified heat pump professional should maintain your heat pump and perform annual inspections.
  • Only authorized technical representatives should repair your unit. Never try to repair your unit yourself.

Using non-factory authorized parts or accessories with your unit will also void a manufacturer’s warranty. For a list of approved parts and materials, please refer to your unit’s manual and/or your manufacturer’s website.

You must maintain proper care of your heat pump in order to qualify for warranty coverage. Most warranties do not cover damages due to acts of God, improper winterizing (click here for tips on winterizing your heat pump), improper installation, negligence, or abuse. Most importantly, most warranties do not cover damages due to improper water chemistry or misuse of chemicals. Proper water balancing is imperative not only for warranty coverage, but also a safe swimming environment.

Manufacturers usually offer different warranty coverage to customers living in different locations. You should contact your manufacturer directly or check their website to determine warranty coverage for your area.

Most manufacturers warrant with the original owner and location of their heat pumps. Transferring the ownership of your heat pump or your home will void most warranties. Moving the unit from its original installation site will also void most warranties. Be sure to keep records of your heat pump’s purchase and installation dates.


To initiate a claim, you should contact your manufacturer as soon as possible. Most manufacturers require you to provide the following information: proof of purchase, model number, serial number, date of retail purchase, and date of installation.

To qualify for warranty coverage, claims must be reported to and authorized by the manufacturer. Only authorized factory service personnel may perform repairs. Also to qualify for warranty coverage, parts returned to the manufacturer must be accompanied by return of goods authorization (RGA) forms. Shipping for these parts must be prepaid. To obtain an RGA, contact your manufacturer’s technical support.

Fine print and tricky wording can make heat pump warranties difficult to understand. Hopefully, this article helps you to better grasp the key aspects of your warranty so that you can most benefit from it. If you have any questions about warranty details, leave a comment below!

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  1. I don’t understand what the warranty is good for. Replacement of a covered item, the temperature sensor, cost $241.00. I think that is what it would have cost if it wasn’t still under warranty. What did the warranty really provide me?

    1. Hi Jennifer,
      If your heat pump is under full parts and labor warranty, there is no charge for a technician to come out. If you are under a parts only warranty, there would be a trip charge and labor charges, but the part would be covered. If you have any questions, please call us at 727-823-5642.

      Mark H.

  2. It’s good to know that warranties usually start once the heat pump is either bought or installed. I think a lot of people either ignore their warranties or they don’t understand how the work. I need to buy a pool heater for the fall so I’ll make sure to get a warranty that starts once I install it.

  3. I am long time follower of this blog.i love every post as i am a pool lover.waiting for more nice post like that.Thanks a lot

  4. Good morning Patrick-

    Thank you for the comment, please feel free to come back to read our blogs and fee free to ask any questions you may have.

  5. Thanks for giving the good suggestion for the swimming pool heat pump. At the time of making the swimming pool people think about how to construct the pool in a good look with cheap rate with all well machines, For the swimming pool there are many type of heat pumps available in the market, people purchase the pumps as per their requirement, they also give the good service and warranty.

  6. Thanks for sharing this review. I'm actually thinking of getting a swimming pool heat pump. Good thing, I was able to do a research about it first and came across this.

    1. Good morning Tom, we are happy that you found our blog helpful to your research, should you have any further questions and would like our assistance we will be happy to help. There is another blog that you might be interested in "Top five swimming pool manufacturers" which you might also find interesting.

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