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Which is The Quietest Swimming Pool Heat Pump in the Market?

When doing research for a new swimming pool heat pump, there are many features that come to mind. We have seen that the noise level of a heat pump is one of the biggest considerations when choosing a new system. Whether it is for your own peace and quiet or because of close location to your neighbors, this is valid concern. In this article we hope to answer this for you.

Not all heat pumps are created equal, and the noise from a heat pump can vary dramatically from manufacturer to manufacturer. There are many factors that affect the noise level in the units the pitch of the fan blades, the fan motor, the compressor. All of these play a part on the final noise of the heat pump. On the chart below you will see the dB (decibels) for the top five heat pump manufacturers.

Breakdown of Swimming Pool Heat Pump Sound Levels

Manufacturer Model Sound level decibels
AquaCal SQ175

55 dB

Hayward HP21404T

60 dB

Jandy EE3000T

59 dB

Pentair 140

58 dB

Rheem M8350ti

64 dB

So, what does that mean?

Basically, the lower the sound decibels are, the quieter the swimming pool heat pump will be while operating. Keeping in mind that just a 5 dB difference makes an enormous change in the noise level, all heat pump manufacturers take sound as a very important aspect of their units.

Like previously stated there are other factors that should be reviewed when shopping or doing research about swimming pool heat pumps, such as warranty, energy consumption, etc. and we strive to provide as much information about them as possible, if you would like more information on these other aspects for the top five manufacturers mentioned above please click here

Nobody wants their calm, relaxing day or evening by the pool to be disturbed by a noisy pool heat pump, and the information provided in this article should help answer any questions you might have had in that regard. Please feel free to leave any comments, suggestions you may have. Is there a particular subject you would like us to blog about? Please let us know that too!

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