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How Can I Control The Temperature Of My Swimming Pool With a Heat Pump?

Many of our sales people often get asked this question by the homeowners. Let’s face it, how many of us actually read a manual? I know I don’t! So, to help you figure out how to control the temperature on your swimming pool utilizing your swimming pool heat pump, we figured an article on this subject was in order.

How it Works

Heat pumps have a built-in thermostat most units come with dual digital controlled thermostats that can handle both your pool and your spa. Once the desired temperature is reached, the thermostat will shut the unit off or turn it back on if the water temperature drops by more than two degrees.

Some manufacturers have what they call an “Auto-Temp” feature. This will override your pool system’s time clock and turn the heat pump on or off to maintain the desired temperature. One drawback to this is that the unit can be turned on in the middle of the night and it can run until the morning, unless you like to swim very early in the morning, this can be a huge waste of energy due to low night time air temperatures.

How to Set the Temperature

Some units, like AquaCal, have a simple display with arrows up or down and pool and spa indicators, simply choose the body of water you want to set the temperature for press up or down until you reach the desired temperature and sit back and relax.

Older or non-digital heat pumps have knobs that you can turn to set your temperature and the body of water you are heating. Though still dependable, they are not as precise as the digital controlled units.

With the ever changing world of technology, many pools have control systems that operate all of the equipment needed for a swimming pool. These control systems can work from systems as simple as a time clock to more elaborate systems that use control panels in the house, hand held controllers or even systems that work from your smart phone. Check with your pool professional to see what options best fit your family and system’s needs.

There you have it, a simple answer for the frequently asked question on controlling the temperature for your swimming pool heat pump and also a little information as to how it works. If you have any further questions regarding this subject or any other topics for pool heat pumps please do not hesitate to ask or leave any comment you may have.

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  1. Do I keep my pool heater on all the time since it shuts off when desired temperature is met or do I shut it off when I don’t plan to swim for days at a time. I’m trying to understand if I need to turn it off and on each time I want to get in the pool.

    1. Hi Sonya,
      If you only swim on the weekends, it’s not necessary to run the heat pump during the week. You may want to start the heat pump on Friday so the pool will be up to temperature for the weekend. On average, your heat pump will heat your pool 1 degree per hour. If you want to raise the pool temperature 8 degf, it could take 8 hrs to do it.

      AquaCal Tech Support

  2. My digital display can read 95 – when I get into pool, the top of the water is 95 , but the middle and bottom of the pool is cold. I checked it with floating thermometer and it’s almost, if not a 10 degree difference. My pool guy says it’s because the thermostat is at the top of the pipe. Does this sound right? Never had this issue in previous years.

    1. Hi Peggy,
      The temp sensor in the heat pump is on the inlet pipe of the unit. Temp sensors can get out of calibration and read higher than actual. If your floating thermometer reads 95 degf at the surface, then it sounds like that is an accurate reading. If the water temp below the surface is 10 degf cooler, I would make sure you are circulating water from the main drain, and make sure your pool return lines are pointed downward.

      If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 727-823-5642.

      AquaCal tech support

  3. Our pool heater starts the temperature is 84 degrees. The floating thermometer says it is 88 degrees. Is there a way for me to check the thermostat m

  4. I turned the heat and pump on my spa and now my pool is 94 degrees is there anyway to cool my pool down without draining my pool or being costly

    1. Hi John,
      Hope you are doing well. This most likley is an issue with your touch pad on the heat pump. Please call our Customer Support Line at 727-823-5642 for assistance.
      Robert Brown
      AquaCal Tech Support

      1. Have a brand new heat pump when it hits the temperature it does not shut off is there a reason for this “the wiring be wrong or is something wrong with The thermostat in the pump

        1. Hi Dear Valued Customer,
          Is your Pool Heater being controlled by an Automation System? If so, either a thermostat, a relay or a board can cause that issue.

          Thank You
          Gaspar Vargas
          Technical Support Specialist

  5. A few producers have what they call an auto-temperature highlight. This will override your pool framework's opportunity clock and turn the warmth pump on or off to keep up the wanted temperature.

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