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What is the Lowest Temperature in Which My Swimming Pool Heat Pump Can Operate?

Many times we receive email questions or telephone calls from customers in the colder states of the United States or outside the country when winter is approaching. They want to know what the lowest temperature in which their swimming pool heat pump will still operate? This is a valid question you obviously would not want to do any damage to your unit. So in this article we will try to answer this for you by providing you with useful information.

Reversible Units

Some reversible units, like the AquaCal ICEBREAKER™, can operate when the outside temperature is down to mid to low 20°’s, although it does not necessary mean it can heat the pool up to 80°. This is a good rule of thumb: The highest water temperature you can get rise from an air source heat pump is 30° (in a Perfect World/Perfect Conditions) for instance if the outside temperature is around the 40°’s the hottest temperature you can get the Pool up to is around 70°’s

Heat Pumps

A heat only swimming pool heat pump can work effectively down to the mid to lower 40°’s. However, a point to remember is that ambient temperature plays a major role when it comes to air source heat pumps. The colder the air, the less heat your heat pump will be able to produce. For heat only swimming pool heat pumps, it is highly recommended to winterize them once the temperature drops. If you would like information regarding the winterizing of your heat pump please click here

Commercial Heat Pumps

There are not many options out there when it comes to heat pumps for commercial swimming pools. Yes, you can install a number of residential heat pumps to achieve the power to create enough BTU’s and heat any size pool and they can be heat only or reversible heat pumps. There is, however, one unit in the market that has the ability to create almost a half a million BTU’s with just one heat pump. The Great Big Bopper (GBB), it is a reversible unit. To read more about the GBB please click here. There are also GeoThermal heat pumps for pools that are ideal for commercial applications. For more information on GeoThermal heat pumps pool heaters, click here


Having a heat pump provides you with hours of relaxation and fun for the whole family. One of the biggest reasons people invest in a swimming pool heat pump is to extend their swimming season to continue that enjoyment well into the fall or winter seasons. There are options available for you that will let you heat your pool in lower temperatures and we hope this article has helped you explore some of them.

If you have any questions or comments please do not hesitate to ask or leave a comment below!


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