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Where are AquaCal Heat Pumps Made?

AquaCal is located in St Petersburg, Florida. We are proud to produce an American-made product, and to support the local community through job creation.

While Florida is not typically recognized as a strong state for manufacturing, most people would be surprised at the level of manufacturing that actually exists here. From hi-tech electronics and defense contractors, to several HVAC equipment manufacturers, and a wide variety of other manufactured goods, Florida has a very robust manufacturing community. When you think about it, Florida is the 3rd largest state in the country…we’re not all retired or working at Disney World :)

AquaCal, founded in 1981, has always called Tampa Bay home. Our current facilities encompass over 100,000 square feet of space. We have a full sheet metal department where all metal cabinet components are fabricated, and a plastics injection molding department where we form all of our plastic cabinet and component parts. We also manufacture our patented Titanium refrigerant-to-water heat exchanger, here, using proprietary production equipment. To read more about Titanium heat exchangers please click here.

We are committed to quality. Every one of our units is 100% tested before it leaves the factory. We have used our experience in the industry to provide you with products that represent today’s leading heat pump technology. With our state of the art Research and Development facility, and our full-time Engineering department, we can assure you that our products will perform as designed – Guaranteed! We provide you with the best performing, highest-quality products that will last for many years to come. With our unbeatable warranty, you are assured the best quality heat pump money can buy. This is just one way we express our commitment to excellence at Team AquaCal.

Here is a short video of our facilities for your viewing pleasure!

Each of our products is supported by a highly-skilled and experienced Engineering Department. Our Engineering Team is staffed with mechanical, electrical, and software engineers with decades of experience.

With two separate environmental control lab facilities, we have the ability to simulate just about any condition our products may be exposed to during their use.

We are proud to call Florida and Tampa Bay our home, and of being the largest heat pump manufacturer for pools and spas in the world! We invite you to come visit our facility any time you may be in the area. Just give us a call to schedule a tour 727-823-5642 !


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    1. Thank you for your comments Ado, we understand you spoke to one of our technicians this morning and the model numbers provided were not valid. Please call 941-474-9306 for additional help.


  1. I am trying to determine the age of (3) AquaCal pool heaters at a condo pool.

    The labels for each had the following:

    Model No.: PHH165R, Serial No's.: 99A-1948-1663
    Model No.: PHH165-S3, Serial No.: 98L-1941A-1661 and
    Model No.: PHH165-S3, Serial No.: 98L-1942A-166.

    Can any one tell me what the date of manufacture was for these?

    Thank You!

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