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what pool heater is best for me

How Can I Help My Customers Find the Correct Heat Pump Pool Heater for Their Swimming Pools?

Helping your customers select the right swimming pool heat pump begins with understanding their needs. By asking a few questions, you can suggest the best heat pump pool heater for the customer's needs and budget. Let's discuss what you need to know before making a recommendation. The first thing you…

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Save money and Protect your investment!

A few weeks ago, I was fortunate enough to spend two days on the road with one of our service technicians. Now, I’ve always known that AquaCal’s heat pumps have always been recognized as a top quality brand with a history of solid performance and longevity. Because of AquaCal's reputation,…

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Should I Clean the Coil of My Swimming Pool Heat Pump/Heater?

A swimming pool heat pump is a significant investment in your family’s entertainment, health, and social life. As with any investment, you want to make sure to protect it, and that means performing regular main maintenance. Keeping your unit properly maintained will not only ensure top performance, but will also…

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Is There a Cover Available for The Digital Control Pad on My Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

AquaCal swimming pool heat pumps are built with corrosion resistant cabinets and titanium heat exchangers. This prevents damage from the sun's strong UV rays and from corrosion, especially in coastal locations and areas that experience severe summers, such as Florida. While these features protect the case and extend the life…

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Does AquaCal Service Other Brands of Swimming Pool Heat Pumps/Heaters?

The swimming pool heat pumps manufactured by most companies are well-built appliances that give many years of reliable service. Even so, as mechanical devices, problems can occur eventually. As the industry leader in swimming pool equipment, AquaCal is sometimes asked if we service other brands, or only the brands we…

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