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How Can I Use a Swimming Pool Cleaner with My Heat Pump?

Many swimming pool owners wonder whether they can use a swimming pool cleaner while their heat pump is operating. Having worked in the swimming pool industry for over 30 years, we at AquaCal® know that you can take advantage of both a heat pump and a swimming pool cleaner. In this article, we discuss popular types of swimming pool cleaners and how they affect your heat pump’’s operation.

In-Floor Swimming Pool Cleaners

In-floor cleaners, such as the Blue Square Q360™, utilize nozzles to direct debris toward the main drain of your swimming pool. Once down the main drain, the debris travels through your swimming pool’’s circulation system and is captured by the filter. In-floor cleaners act similarly to return lines and can therefore be used to transfer heated water to your swimming pool. They can even be used to heat your swimming pool’’s “dead spots.” “Dead spots” are areas of your swimming pool that are difficult to heat.

Keep in mind that in-floor cleaners can only be installed with new in-ground swimming pools. In order to ensure proper cleaner jet placement and water flow, in-floor cleaner professionals tailor these systems to individual swimming pools. Many manufacturers, including Blue Square, offer this as a complimentary service. Prices for in-floor cleaners start at $600.

Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Robotic cleaners, such as the AquaClean Plus, run on electricity and require no water flow from your swimming pool’’s circulation system in order to operate. Because they work independently of your swimming pool’’s circulation system, they have no impact on your heat pump. Robotic cleaners collect debris in self-contained bags. We at AquaCal® recommend that you use your robotic cleaner between one and three times per week, depending on your swimming pool’’s environment.

While robotic cleaners do not require any installation or additional plumbing, they are expensive to purchase: most are available for about $1,500.

Suction-Side Automatic Swimming Pool Cleaners

Suction-side automatic cleaners utilize your swimming pool’’s circulation system to drive water movement. Because they work with your swimming pool’’s circulation system, they lower the water flow and affect your swimming pool pump’’s operation, which in turn affects your heat pump’’s performance. Care should therefore be taken when using suction-side automatic cleaners.

Popular suction-side automatic cleaners are the X-Vac, Baracuda, and Kreepy Krauly. Prices of suction-side automatic cleaners vary greatly. They range from $250 to $900.

When used correctly, swimming pool cleaners can operate with heat pumps to help reduce heating costs, heat your swimming pool, and distribute chemicals throughout your swimming pool. If you have any questions about choosing a heat pump, you can refer to this article. Feel free to leave us your thoughts by commenting below!

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  1. These type of pool cleaners are very useful and good system for the users. For the pool cleaning there are many type of machines available in the market and as per the users requirement they purchase. How can you use the cleaning machine they also mention in the instruction manual and do the regular maintenance of the pool for the long running.

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