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4.0 (7 reviews)

Power Tool for a Sparkling Pool

These robotic cleaners are easy to use, require no installation and clean quickly and effectively.

  • Clean all surface types
  • Climb walls and obstacles
  • No installation required
  • Minimal maintenance

California residents – Click here for Proposition 65 warning


7 reviews for AquaClean Plus Robotic Cleaners

  1. Brian Franke

    When new, the Aqua Clean Model RBU-1BRNBA-AQC00 unit worked perfectly. Unfortunately the unit stopped working with less than 156 hours of operation on it. Needless to say, I am highly disappointed with this pool cleaner and would not recommend it to any Pool Owner. The Local pool company; Martin Pools of Jacksonville Florida stopped representing this unit because they could not get the equipment repaired in a timely and cost effective manner. Shipping the unit to a authorized repair facility in Alabama or New Jersey or wherever is financially out of the question, so I am stuck with a 700.00 dollar waste of money. Buy Dolphin cleaners instead. They are made in the USA, are reasonably priced, are easy to get serviced locally and perform beyond my expectations.

    • AquaCal AutoPilot Inc

      Hi Brian, we are sorry to hear about the issues you had with your AquaClean Plus unit. We would like the opportunity to make this right for you. Please send your phone number and/or email address to so that our local rep can take care of it.

  2. Barbara Lanieri

    I love my machine, and when it works it’s is awesome, but after almost 4 years it has suddenly stopped moving. The fan works and the wheels move when in the diagnostics mode, but once in the water..nothing. I am so frustrated. I live in NY.

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hello Barbara,

      Please call the company below for assistance. They manufacture the Aqua Clean robot cleaners.

      AQUATRAN – 800-457-7642 (ACLEAN UNITS)


  3. Konstantinos Karakostas

    My Aquaclean pro does a great job keeping the pool bottom spotless, my question is ,I have a French bulldog who loves the pool but her fine hairs get into the cartridge and cant wash off due to the material in the filter. Any suggestions?

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hello Dino,

      Please call the company below for assistance. They manufacture the Aqua Clean robot cleaners.

      AQUATRAN – 800-457-7642 (ACLEAN UNITS)


  4. Lori harrington

    I bought a brand new aqua clean robot about 4 or 5 years ago. I live in upstate New York and Can not find anyone or any pool company that fixes these machines. I have ordered new pads, replaced a fuse and still can’t get my robot to move. I have to say when it was working it is incredible, but the rubber wheels don’t last long. If anyone knows where I can get these pool vacuums cleaned please let me know, feeling frustrated. Thanks

    • AquaCal Customer Service

      Hi Lori,
      Please call the company below for assistance. They manufacture the Aqua Clean robot cleaners.

      AQUATRAN – 800-457-7642 (ACLEAN UNITS)


  5. Yi Ming Wang

    I had bought Aqua Clean plus(Robotic Pool Cleaner) for penguins pool. But I have some worry about all the penguins are inside when the machine is operating. Although I have the machine plugged in the Leakage switch. Did the machine has any safety control by itself when it has leakage of electric. It is very important for me. Thanks a lot.

    • AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.

      Good Morning,

      The manufacturer of the AquaClean Plus Robotic Cleaners (AquaTron # 800-457-7642 ) would be the best resource to answer this Technical question. Please reach out to the manufacturer for further assistance with this request.

      Thank you,

      Joshua N. Byrd
      AquaCal / AutoPilot – Customer & Technical Support
      # 727-823-5642 ext. 182

  6. Miguel Correa

    1st pool…. 18×40… This unit is super easy and awesome …. You plug it…. press the button and come back 2 hours later and the pool is clean….. I don’t know how they can ever make a better product

  7. Brian C

    This thing is amazing. Fast, easy to use, easy to clean. Climbs walls with ease. No tangling. My pool was filthy and it cleaned whole thing w/o having to empty. I have a 16×32 inground.

    • AquaCal

      Hello Brian,

      We love to hear you are happy with the product! Thank you very much for taking the time to review us! For more information and updated news about our products please keep in touch in our Facebook page @aquacal

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