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General Safety Information

Used and maintained properly, your heat pump will provide year-upon-year of safe and economical service. However, as with any mechanical or electrical device, to get the most from your heat pump–while insuring personal safety for you and others–certain operational and maintenance factors must be observed.

Likewise, excepting a few minor owner-capable maintenance items (explained later on this page), repair and service of your heat pump must be performed only by experienced service personnel. Should you, the owner, suspect your heat pump is not performing properly, after referring to “Troubleshooting”, you will be able to determine if a call for service is required.

Your installer can be one source of service, or AquaCal Customer Support personnel stand ready to assist you at: 727-823-5642. For questions concerning installation, modifications, operation, service and upkeep, please contact your installer or AquaCal Customer Support. Warranties may be voided if the heater has been used, maintained or repaired improperly.

In addition to possible voiding of warranties: unapproved installation methods, non-standard modifications, poor or incorrect maintenance, service by unqualified personnel, or improper use of the heater may result in personal injury and/or property damage. For personal safety and to avoid damage to equipment, it is important that safety instructions displayed on the heat pump, and within this manual, be read, understood and followed.


But there is still a lot you, as the owner, can do... So:

On to Owner Troubleshooting Guide

AquaCal Quick Start Guide Instructions

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