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SunPower Hybrid Spa Heater transfers FREE heat from your pool to your spa.


  • Extremely energy efficient
  • Safe for the environment
  • Lowest cost spa heating method
  • Does not burn fossil fuels
  • No greenhouse gas emissions
  • Quiet operation – no fan noise


  • Heat output is constant, regardless of air temperature or weather
  • Will heat the spa up to 104°F even when the pool water temperature falls down to 50°F
  • With spillover spa systems, the heat “borrowed” from the pool is returned to the pool when spillover mode is resumed
  • In reverse mode, turn your spa into a “cold plunge” – sports therapists increasingly recommend cold water therapy for rapid muscle recovery after exertion
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Before building a SunPower heat pump for any application, this Build Spec questionnaire must be completed.

Coefficient of Performance5.5
Source Heat ExchangeCuNi
Spa Heat ExchangerTi
Min Circuit Ampacity36.1
Min/Max Fuse Size40/60
Water Flow
Min/Max Water Flow - Pool/Spa25/70 gpm
Min/Max Water Flow - Source20/25 gpm
Recommended Recirculation Pump1/4 hp with hair lint trap
Weight (lbs)340 lbs.
Size Length x Width x Height (in)36.75"x32"x32"

Single pump spillover spa system – additional source water pumping cost @ 65 watts per gpm – adjusted C.O.P. of 4.5

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