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  • Disconnect all electrical power to the heater; turn OFF circulating pump.
  • At the two (2) connection unions, disconnect the plumbing to the heater (removal is counterclockwise).
  • If your unit has an external drain plug, remove plug. This plug would be located at lower, front corner of heater. (position may vary between models). Allow water to drain out of the condensor.DO NOT replace plug until final winterizing step.

Location of External Drain Pulg will vary by model

  1. If no external drain plug is found, it will be necessary to open access panel and see if heat exchanger has an internal drain plug. If so, remove plug, and allow water to drain out of the condensor.

Water Heat Exchangers

  1. PLEASE NOTE – If your heat pump contains an exchanger other than what is shown above, call AquaCal AutoPilot for alternate winterizing instructions.
  2. Replace the winterizing plug; thread the plug in clockwise until just snug, then apply an additional 1/8 turn. To prevent insects and vermin from entering the plumbing during the winterized period,partially reconnect the two (2) plumbing connection unions: couple each union one or twothreads; this will permit condensation to drain, but will prevent most insects and animals fromentering the plumbing circuit.
  3. Next Season: To ready the heat pump for use, simply re-tighten plumbing connection unions. Hand-tight is generally sufficient.

Winterizing Caution

Winterizing Caution

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