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A pool blanket will assist the heat pump to maintain water temperature, while significantly reducing heating costs. Blanketed pools will typically lose only 3 – 4° F of heat per night versus 8 – 10° overnight with an un-blanketed pool. Un-blanketed pools typically loose 50% of the heat placed in the pool by the heat pump and/or sunlight.

Owners should check with the installing dealer to see if their heat pump was sized to be used in conjunction with or without a blanket.

Types of Blankets

Liquid Blankets

For those who want to save on heating costs, but do not want the bother and potential dangers of a conventional blanket, liquid blankets offer a viable alternative to conventional, plastic membrane solar blankets.

A liquid-blanketed pool, on average, loses only 30% of its heat gain, overnight.

We recommend Lo-Chlor® Aqua Blanket™ for use with AquaCal® heat pumps to help reduce heat loss.


Disclaimer: AquaCal disclaims any responsibility for or liability related to the performance or safety of any swimming pool blanket(s).

Conventional Blankets

Conventional blankets, commonly referred to as “Solar Blankets”, consist of a thin plastic-like membrane that floats on the water surface. To be effective, solar blankets, must be physically placed (most typically by hand) over the water surface, whenever the pool is not in use,

A conventionally blanketed pool loses only 20% of its heat gain, overnight.

WARNING: When used improperly, Pool-Spa solar blankets can become a drowning risk to people and pets. Solar blankets are not safety covers. They are not designed to support the weight of a person or pet. Never enter a pool until the solar cover is completely removed (under no circumstances should anyone swim under the blanket). Follow all safety recommendations of the blanket manufacturer.

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