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Pool and Spa Combination Heating

Considerations in heating a pool or spa are similar: only the volume of water being heated is different.

  • All AquaCal® heat pumps are equipped with two thermostats.  One thermostat is for the pool and the other is for the spa.
  • Simply set the pool and spa thermostats for the water temperature desired; position the pool and spa isolation valves as directed by your installer, and select the appropriate thermostat (pool or spa)—whichever you are heating.
  • With electrical power and water flow supplied to the heat pump, the water temperature will be maintained at set point.

Further, your heat pump can be automated with the addition of an optional AquaCal® “Universal Heat Pump Controller”.

  • Using this option will save you from having to change the thermostat selector switch each time you change from pool to spa and back again.
  • Moreover, AquaCal® heat pumps are designed to operate with a full array of after-market pool/spa equipment controllers.
  • For details, contact your installing dealer.
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