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About Us

JB Fittings, a Team Horner company, specializes in the production and sale of injection molded fittings for Pool/Spa, Irrigation, Turf, Plumbing, Industrial  and Retail markets. A technical leader with over 40 years experience, JB Fittings is relied upon worldwide to provide the confidence users desire.

JB Fittings operates a 26-acre manufacturing facility in St. Petersburg, FL. With Regional Distribution Facilities strategically located within the United States, JB Fittings provides worldwide distribution.

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Commercial & Residential

Serving the Pool, Irrigation, Turf, Plumbing, Industrial, Export and OEM Markets.

Solar Fittings Too!

Serving the Pool Industry over 40 years.  Looking for black PVC Fittings? We have them!  Made in the USA.

S40 PVC Fittings

All of our products are made in the USA!  We have produced PVC Fittings in Florida since 1970!

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