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Heat Pump Not Running

  • Is the display lit? If not, ensure the main breaker (located at the power supply panel) and the disconnect switch (located near the heat pump) are both turned ON.
  • Does the display read “Flo”? If so , check to be sure that the ciruclation pump is operating and the filter is clean. There may also be a valve positioned incorrectly, allowing water to by-pass the heat pump; be sure water is flowing through the heat pump.
  • Does the display read “OFF”? If so, the desired water temperature is set below 60°F. Raise the desired water temperature above the actual water temperature and the unit should start after a 3 to 4 minute delay.
Heat Pump Not Heating
  • Is the air blowing out of the top of the unit noticeably cooler than the surrounding air? (a 9°F to 12°F difference is typical)
    • If not, call AquaCal® for service at 800-878-0998.
  • Be sure all air coil surfaces are free from obstructions; low roof overhangs, landscaping, walls, fences, etc. The heat pump needs good airflow to operate at peak efficiency.
  • How long are you running your circulation pump each day? Cooler weather conditions, or heating to a higher temperature, may necessitate running the heat pump for a longer period of time. A pool blanket can be useful in permitting shorter run times, in turn leading to substantial energy cost savings.
  • What is the air temperature? Your heat pump may be in the defrost mode if air temperatures are below 50°F. The digital display will read “FS” if the unit is defrosting or air temperatures are too cold.
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