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Is it a leak or just condensation from normal operation? Here’’s how to find out:

  • Shut off your heat pump, leaving the pool pump running. In a couple of hours there should be a marked reduction in the amount of water around the bottom of the heat pump.
  • Or, as an alternate method to check for a water leak, you can test the water draining out the base for the presence of the sanitizer you are using in your pool or spa. Use your water test kit, or a test strip, to check a sample of the water for chlorine or bromine. If the sample tests positive for sanitizer, call AquaCal® for service at 800-878-0998. If the test is negative, the water is probably harmless condensation.
    • NOTE: If you are using an Ionizer or Ozone Generator to produce sanitizer, this test method WILL NOT be effective.
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