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AquaCal heat pumps are the best option for reliable and efficient pool heating while complying with the growing decarbonization regulations.

AquaCal swimming pool and spa heat pumps don’t burn energy to create heat.
They only use a small amount of electricity to transfer FREE heat from the air to the pool.

  • A heat pump is essentially a mechanical collector of solar energy.
  • This process results in as much as 710% efficiency!
  • Over 375,000 happy customers worldwide.

“Heat pumps are more energy-efficient; up to 700%”
 – U.S. Department of Energy

AquaCal heat pumps are the best option for reliable and efficient pool heating while complying with the growing decarbonization regulations.

  • Heat your pool for about 25% of the cost of heating it with gas. That’s 75% savings.
  • Extend your swimming season-sim earlier in Spring and later into fall.
  • Heat pumps are green and have virtually no effect on your carbon footprint.
  • AquaCal heat pumps last longer! 3 times the life compared with gas heaters.
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California Takes the Lead: A new Law Propels Decarbonization Efforts.

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This chart illustrates the cost of heating a pool with an AquaCal® Heat Pump compared to other heating methods:

Chart_CostOfOperations2023 V2

AquaCal has been heating pools and spas efficiently since 1981

We can help with not only heating the spa, but also heating the pool efficiently. There are over a 375,000 happy AquaCal owners throughout the world. A heat pump uses nature’s ‘free heat’ from the air to heat pool water. It applies the same principle used in refrigerators and air conditioners with technology adapted to pools and spas. A heat pump can even pull residual heat from cool air. Electricity is only needed to transfer the heat, not to create it! It is significantly less expensive than gas or electric heating.

This makes a heat pump the most economical,
safe and trouble-free way to heat your pool.

The advantage of pool heating with a heat pump all comes down to the coefficient of performance (C.O.P.), the standard way of measuring the operating efficiency of a unit. Very simply, the higher the C.O.P., the more efficient the heat pump. For every dollar spent to heat the pool, that dollar multiplied by the C.O.P. comes back in ‘dollars worth’ of heat.

Put that free heat to work in the spa too! AquaCal’s SunPower spa heat pump transfers heat from the pool to the spa.

  • Everyone wants a hot spa, but using gas heating isn’t the only way to do it
  • Cut the gas line and use efficient heat pump technology to heat the spa
  • AquaCal’s SunPower heat pump transfers FREE heat from the pool to the spa
  • It’s the perfect companion to solar pool heating
  • Even without a solar heating system, the pool is an excellent solar collector, easily capturing enough heat for the spa needs
  • Compatible with all external controllers
  • Virtually maintenance free and eco-friendly
  • SunPower heat pumps are 640% efficient!

swimming pool/spa heat pump available anywhere.

We have units to fit every need and budget.

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