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AquaCal AutoPilot Authorized Dealer Agreement

Please fill out the dealer agreement to have your company listed in the AquaCal® AutoPilot® Dealer Locator

AquaCal® AutoPilot® Authorized Dealer Agreement

The purpose of this agreement is to identify and, where appropriate, quantify the various aspects of a business arrangement between the following manufacturer (M) and Dealer/Internet retailer (D):

(M) Manufacturer

2737 24 Street North
St. Petersburg, Florida 33713

(D) Dealer/Internet Retailer

(Needed for Online Dealer Locator, please check all that apply)

By completing this agreement, you grant us permission to communicate with you through email, including program updates, product notifications and promotions. Email addresses will NOT be shared with any other vendors.

(D) Dealer/Internet Retailer - Additional Location


(D) Dealer/Internet Retailer - Additional Location


(D) Dealer/Internet Retailer - Additional Location


Terms and Conditions

1. PRODUCT LINE AND PROGRAMS: M agrees that all parts of its product line are available to D provided D has signed and returned this
agreement to M. Water source units may require additional qualifications.

M reserves the right to add, modify or delete any of the rules, conditions, benefits, or awards pertaining to any promotional, rebate, or discount program at
its sole discretion without notice.

D agrees to maintain adequate inventory, provide appropriate "First Call" warranty & back-up service on all products sold which are made by M. Factory
support is available after the first call process is complete.

2. GEOGRAPHIC COVERAGE: Both parties agree that this agreement reflects their mutual relationship only within the United States. D
agrees not to sell or ship outside USA. International business must be referred to M.

3. TRAINING: D agrees to make themselves available for at least two hours of product training, annually.

4. SALES & MARKETING: D agrees to make the following efforts to promote:
• Make sales presentations consistent with M's claims of performance on sales literature and not exaggerate any performance claims.
• Offer product sizing assistance to customers based on M's formulas & recommendations
• Offer "first call" support service to all customers to evaluate installation or performance problems
Marketing programs such as the Key Dealer and Co-op program will only be available to Authorized Dealers.

5. DEALER MINIMUM ALLOWABLE ADVERTISED PRICE POLICY (MAAP): D agrees to fully comply with "Minimum Allowable Advertised Price" policy as follows:
• No printed marketing/sales flyers, or Internet websites controlled by D will offer written pricing to the public below set MAAP prices. See the current MSRP and MAAP section for our basic product line.
• Advertised Price is defined as any published price on marketing or advertising pieces as well as any reference to price on a website or automatically generated email price quotes. This policy also applies to any prices listed on auction or shopping sites. Examples include, but are not limited to,,,, etc.
• The second violation of the MAAP policy may exclude D from this program.
• See the MSRP and MAAP section for a current price list of our basic product line.

6. DEALER LISTING: Authorized Dealers will be listed on the AquaCal® and AutoPilot® websites under a Dealer Locator for consumers to access.

7. AUTHORIZED DEALER WARRANTIES: Warranties are only available to Authorized Dealers who sign and comply with this agreement:

Authorized AquaCal® Dealer in Florida:
• HEATWAVE SUPERQUIET UNITS - 7 years parts; 5 years labor
• TROPICAL UNITS - 7 years parts, 3 years labor
• ALL OTHER HEAT PUMPS - 7 years parts, 2 years labor

Authorized AquaCal® Dealer in Northeast*:
• ALL HEAT PUMPS - 7 years parts; 2 years labor
* Northeast includes CT, DE, MA, MD, ME, NH, NJ, NY, PA, RI, VA & VT.

Authorized AquaCal® Dealer outside Florida and Northeast:
• ALL HEAT PUMPS - 2 years parts; 2 years labor

Unauthorized AquaCal® Dealer:
• ALL HEAT PUMPS - No warranty

Authorized AutoPilot® Dealer:
• 3 years parts and labor

Authorized AutoPilot® Dealer:
• 2 years or 8,000 hours (whichever comes first) parts and labor
**The Pool Pilot Eco Nano model strictly carries a 1 year parts only warranty, for Authorized Dealers.

Unauthorized AutoPilot® Dealer:
• No warranty

8. CANCELLATION: Should M decide to cancel D as Dealer, 30 day written notice shall be given in advance, unless Local, State or National laws preclude such action. Such notice shall be provided in writing by "Registered Mail" to last known address of D.
In event of cancellation, M or local Distributor of M agrees to purchase all original stock (not used and in original packing material) at original cost from D and settle account within 60 days. D agrees to remove all reference to M's products from Internet websites or other marketing materials and return any sales materials in their possession within 30 days.
NOTE: Freight for returned goods will be prepaid by D. If D had purchased stocks from local AquaCal®/AutoPilot® Distributor, product can be returned to same source where originally purchased. No restocking charge will be applied.

9. BINDING ARBITRATION CLAUSE: Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract, or the breach thereof, shall be settled by arbitration in accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Any such action shall take place in Pinellas County, Florida. The laws of the State of Florida shall prevail.

10. CREDIT TERMS: In consideration for extension of credit, purchaser agrees to the terms of sale shown on each invoice. Purchaser
understands accounts with past due balances are automatically C.O.D. and future orders require an additional payment (minimum 20% of order total) which is applied towards the balance due. Accounts not paid according to terms bear interest thereafter at 18% per annum and all costs of collection, including attorneys' fees, are the obligation of the customer. Payment for C.O.D. accounts is expected at time of sale.

11. LENGTH OF THIS AGREEMENT: This agreement shall be in effect for two years. It shall automatically renew each year thereafter unless either party desires to revise or review. Any such desire to renegotiate shall be provided in writing 30 days prior to renewal date.

MAAP Pricing as of 4-1-2022

SQ125 HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ125 $7,417 $5,080
SQ120R HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ120 IceBreaker $7,934 $5,435
SQ145 HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ145 $7,934 $5,435
SQ166R HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ166 IceBreaker $9,141 $6,262
SQ225 HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ225 $9,141 $6,262
SQ150VS HeatWave SuperQuiet SQ150VS Variable Speed $10,721 $7,344
T30 TropiCal T30 $4,085 $2,835
T55 TropiCal T55 $4,445 $3,085
T75 TropiCal T75 $4,979 $3,455
T90 TropiCal T90 $5,802 $4,026
T115 TropiCal T115 $6,401 $4,442
T135 TropiCal T135 $7,108 $4,933
T135R TropiCal T135R (heat and cool) $7,590 $5,268
TC500 TropiCool TC500 - Chiller $4,979 $3,455
TC1000 TropiCool TC1000 - Chiller $6,401 $4,442
TC1500 TropiCool TC1500 - Chiller $7,168 $4,974
GBB Great Big Bopper $50,295 $50,295
WS03 Water Source WS03 208-230V/60 Hz/1 ph Ti/Ti $6,310 $6,310
WS03 Water Source WS03 208-230V/60 Hz/1 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $6,552 $6,552
WS05 Water Source WS05 208-230V/60 Hz/1 ph Ti/Ti $8,526 $8,526
WS05 Water Source WS05 208-230V/60 Hz/1 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $8,768 $8,768
WS05 Water Source WS05 208-230V/60 Hz/3 ph Ti/Ti $9,550 $9,550
WS05 Water Source WS05 208-230V/60 Hz/3 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $9,792 $9,792
WS05 Water Source WS05 460V/60 Hz/3 ph Ti/Ti $9,550 $9,550
WS05 Water Source WS05 460V/60 Hz/3 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $9,792 $9,792
WS10 Water Source WS10 208-230V/60 Hz/3 ph Ti/Ti $20,787 $20,787
WS10 Water Source WS10 208-230V/60 Hz/3 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $21,272 $21,272
WS10 Water Source WS10 460V/60 Hz/3 ph Ti/Ti $20,787 $20,787
WS10 Water Source WS10 460V/60 Hz/3 ph w/ copper plumbing Cu/Ti $21,272 $21,272
SP05 SunPower SP05 with installation kit $9,255 $9,255
ECP0343 PoolSync Wireless Controller $238 $250
TC-35 Total Control with RC-35/22 (SC-36) manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $6,494 $4,529
TC-PPM1 Total Control with PPM1 manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $6,494 $4,529
TC-42 Total Control with RC-42 (SC-48) manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $6,880 $4,803
TC-PPM3 Total Control with PPM3 manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $6,880 $4,803
TC-52 Total Control with RC-52 (SC-60) manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $7,351 $5,138
TC-PPM4 Total Control with PPM4 manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $7,351 $5,138
TC-15 Total Control with CC-15 manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $7,828 $5,423
TC-PPM5 Total Control with PPM5 manifold 15gal 120V acid tank $7,828 $5,423
DIG-35 Digital 220 with RC-35/22 (SC-36) manifold $2,456 $1,745
DIG-PPM1 Digital 220 with PPM1 manifold $2,456 $1,745
DIG-42 Digital 220 with RC-42 (SC-48) manifold $2,842 $2,019
DIG-PPM3 Digital 220 with PPM3 manifold $2,842 $2,019
DIG-52 Digital 220 with RC-52 (SC-60) manifold $3,313 $2,354
DIG-PPM4 Digital 220 with PPM4 manifold $3,313 $2,354
DIG-15 Digital 220 with CC-15 manifold $3,790 $2,640
DIG-PPM5 Digital 220 with PPM5 manifold $3,790 $2,640
ST-35 Soft Touch 220 with RC-35/22 (SC-36) manifold $2,168 $1,517
ST-PPM1 Soft Touch 220 with PPM1 manifold $2,168 $1,517
ST-42 Soft Touch 220 with RC-42 (SC-48) manifold $2,553 $1,791
ST-PPM3 Soft Touch 220 with PPM3 manifold $2,553 $1,791
ST-52 Soft Touch 220 with RC-52 (SC-60) manifold $3,025 $2,128
ST-PPM4 Soft Touch 220 with PPM4 manifold $3,025 $2,128
ST-15 Soft Touch 220 with CC-15 manifold $3,502 $2,413
ST-PPM5 Soft Touch 220 with PPM5 manifold $3,502 $2,413
DN1 Digital Nano 115v with PPM1 Manifold $1,606 $1,190
DN2 Digital Nano 220v with PPM1 Manifold $1,606 $1,190
DNP1 Digital Nano+ 115v with PPM2 Manifold $1,699 $1,259
DNP2 Digital Nano+ 220v with PPM2 Manifold $1,699 $1,259
EN1 Eco Nano 115v with PPM1 Inline Cell w/ Flow Switch $1,394 $941
EN2 Eco Nano 220v with PPM1 Inline Cell w/ Flow Switch $1,394 $941
ECP0312 ChlorSync Power Center $278 $206
CS30 ChlorSync Cell - up to 30,000 gallon pool $1,406 $1,042
CS40 ChlorSync Cell - up to 40,000 gallon pool $1,883 $1,395
CS50 ChlorSync Cell - up to 50,000 gallon pool $2,144 $1,589
ECP0343 PoolSync Wireless Controller $238 $250
COADN1RC22SUS Digital Nano 110v with CoPilot SM 110v & RC-35/22 Cell 60HZ $3,468 $2,389
COADN1PPC1SUS Digital Nano 110v with CoPilot & PPC1 Cell $3,468 $2,389
COADN2RC22SUS Digital Nano 220v with CoPilot SM 220v & RC-35/22 Cell 60HZ $3,468 $2,389
COADN2PPC1SUS Digital Nano 220v with CoPilot & PPC1 Cell $3,468 $2,389
COBDIG2RC52SUS DIG-220 with CoPilot LG 220v & RC-52 Cell 60HZ $5,856 $4,035
COBDIG2PPC4SUS DIG-220 with CoPilot XL 220v & PPC4 Cell $5,856 $4,035
COA1XXXXUUS CoPilot SM 110v Upgrade Kit For Nano 60HZ $1,799 $1,240
COA2XXXXUUS CoPilot SM 220v Upgrade Kit For Nano 60HZ $1,799 $1,240
COA2XXXXUUS CoPilot SM Upgrade Kit For Cubby Dig 60HZ $1,799 $1,240
COB2XXXXUUS CoPilot LG Upgrade Kit For Dig 220 60HZ $2,892 $1,993
PRO2US Professional with 2 power supplies & 2 Comm. Cell Manifold $13,096 $9,026
PRO3US Professional with 3 power supplies & 3 Comm. Cell Manifold $16,381 $11,290
PRO4US Professional with 4 power supplies & 4 Comm. Cell Manifold $19,718 $13,589
PRO5US Professional with 5 power supplies & 5 Comm. Cell Manifold $23,100 $15,920
PRO6US Professional with 6 power supplies & 6 Comm. Cell Manifold $26,328 $18,145
PRO2US-CONV Professional Convection with 2 power modules, 2 Comm. Convection Cells, Tri-sensor Assy $15,065 $10,383
PRO3US-CONV Professional Convection with 3 power modules, 3 Comm. Convection Cells, Tri-sensor Assy $18,967 $13,072
PRO4US-CONV Professional Convection with 4 power modules, 4 Comm. Convection Cells, Tri-sensor Assy $22,889 $15,775
PRO5US-CONV Professional Convection with 5 power modules, 5 Comm. Convection Cells, Tri-sensor Assy $26,830 $18,491
PRO6US-CONV Professional Convection with 6 power modules, 6 Comm. Convection Cells, Tri-sensor Assy $30,665 $21,134
Total Control Components
75001 Pool Chemistry Controller $3,112 $2,144
75003 Salt Chlorine Generator $1,348 $958
75008 Acid Feeder Relay Box (optional) $179 $124
75004 Stenner Pump/Tank 120V/60Hz - 15 Gal $926 $638
75005 Stenner Pump/Tank 220V/60Hz - 15 Gal $1,002 $690
75010 Stenner Pump/Tank 220V/60Hz - 30 Gal $1,174 $809
75012 Stenner Pump/Tank 120V/60Hz - 30 Gal $1,174 $809
Power Supplies when purchased with Cell or Manifold Assembly ONLY
DIG-220 Digital Power Supply complete $1,348 $958
ST-220 Soft Touch Power Supply complete $1,060 $730
Cell/Manifold Assemblies
94115C Manifold with single CC-15 Cell and Base $2,442 $1,684
PPM5 Manifold with single PPC5 Cell and Base $2,442 $1,684
94113 Manifold with RC-52 (SC-60) Cell and Base $1,965 $1,395
PPM4 Manifold with PPC4 Cell and Base $1,965 $1,395
94107 Manifold with RC-42 (SC-48) Cell and Base $1,494 $1,060
PPM3 Manifold with PPC3 Cell and Base $1,494 $1,060
94105 Manifold with RC-35/22 (SC-36) Cell and Base $1,108 $787
PPM1 Manifold with PPC1 Cell and Base $1,108 $787
941-215C-A 2 Cell / 2 Trisensor manifold assem. $4,710 $3,248
PPC1 PPC1 Replacement Cell w/ Unions $1,053 $399
PPC2 PPC2 Replacement Cell w/ Unions $1,571 $599
PPC3 PPC3 Replacement Cell w/ Unions $1,571 $599
PPC4 PPC4 Replacement Cell w/ Unions $2,242 $799
PPC5 PPC5 Replacement Commercial Cell for single cell manifold $3,277 $1,299
PPC5MF PPC5 Commercial Cell w/19069 Union for multiple cell manifold $3,277 $1,299
942-5NF RC-5 Cell In-Line Only w/o Flow Switch Banana Plug $1,059 $399

To download a PDF of the current MAAP pricing, please click here

MSRP prices subject to change without notice. Please contact the factory to verify current pricing.

Dealer/Internet Retailer Signature

Manufacturer Signature

Manufacturer Name
AquaCal AutoPilot, Inc.
Don Detwiler

Vice President of Sales

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