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User Lock Code Options

This Option Explained:

Heat pumps are shipped from the factory with the [ULC] option disabled. Enabling the [ULC] function permits the heat pump owner to restrict access to the unit’s controls. With the [ULC] function enabled, unless the correct ULC code number is entered, changes to Level-1 programming are not possible. (I.e.: Altering temperature set points, Pool/Spa selection, C/F display changes, etc., will not be possible). The [ULC] option can be thought of as an electronic lockable cover for the controls

A.    Selecting ULC Option:

  1. Press either the UP or DOWN ARROW keys; if “LOC” is momentarily displayed followed by “0”, the ULC feature is enabled. If “0” displays proceed to “6)” of this section; otherwise, see number “2,” below.
  2. Simultaneously press and hold both the [UP ARROW] and [DOWN ARROW] keys until [CF1] (Celsius / Fahrenheit) code appears.
  3. Press the [POOL/SPA] key once to display [ULC].
  4. With [ULC] displayed, pressing either the Up or Down Arrow key will display either “1” or “0”. Selecting “0” will allow the keypad to remain unlocked. Selecting “1” will enable the User Lock Code option. Then, to enter a lock code number, press the [POOL/SPA] key once to display [ELC] (Enter Lock Code).
  5. With [ELC] displayed, use the Up or Down arrow keys to select a lock code. The code can be any number from “00” to “99”. The factory set lock code is “0”. Not pressing any buttons for 15-seconds will allow the controller to save the selection and return to the normal operating mode. Pressing the {POOL/SPA] key will also save the selection, and will step the controller to the next menu parameter: [CFO] (Call Flex Options).
  6. Once the ULC option has been enabled, pressing any key will momentarily display “LOC” followed by “0” (prompting the entry of the correct lock code number). To gain access to the controller:

a. Using the [UP ARROW] key, scroll to the correct lock code number, then;
b. Press the [POOL/SPA] key… Current water temperature will be displayed… Control setting can now be viewed or changed as desired.

c. After a period of approximately four (4) minutes, during which time no buttons have been pressed, the controller will automatically return to the locked mode. Provided ULC selection is set to “1,” the controller will always fail-safe in the locked mode.

d. Without knowledge of the correct lock code, and with the ULC enabled, control adjustments will not be possible. Be certain to record your lock code in a
safe place.
The lock code may be changed any number of times by following the instructions detailed in this section.

B.  De-Activating the User Lock Code [ULC] function:

  1. Following the instructions detailed previously at: “8, 6)”, press any key and enter the user lock code number; then press the [POOL/SPA] key.
  2. Immediately following the entry of the user lock code, simultaneously press and hold the [UP ARROW] and [DOWN ARROW] keys until the code [CF1] appears on the display.
  3. Then, use the [POOL/SPA] key to scroll to the [ULC] message; press the [DOWN ARROW] key to change the display to “0”. This will disable the User lock function.

C.  User Lock Code is Activated, but Pass Number is Not Known (“Back Door Entry”):

Note: Should the ULC option be enabled, and a lock code number other than the factory default (0) be installed but is unknown, the following procedure may be followed to regain controller programming access:

1. Simultaneously press and hold the [POOL/SPA] and [UP ARROW] keys until the display shows “888”. This
operation will reset the controller to the factory default settings.

2. When reset to the factory default settings the user lock code [ULC] is deactivated and the user lock code
number [ELC] is reset to “0.”

3. In addition, all other settings are returned to the factory defaults. If an external controller is in use, contact
AquaCal Technical Support Group (727-823-5642); ask for assistance with re-configuring the controller for use
with an external controller

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