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How to Operate an Analog Controller
  1. Establish Water Flow and Electrical Power to the Heat Pump:
    • Position the water valves to heat either the pool or the spa.
    • Ensure any heat pump-related disconnect switches, or circuit breakers, are switched to the ON position.
    • Start the pool or spa pump (depending of which body of water is to be heated), permitting the pump to operate for a few minutes before going on to next step. This wait is necessary to clear any air that may exist in the water piping.
    • The heat pump will not start without water flowing through it. At this point, the POWER and water FLOW lights should be illuminated. If not, see the “Troubleshooting” section of manual.
  2. Select POOL or SPA-Raise Associated Thermostat:
    • Position the POOL/OFF/SPA toggle switch towards the POOL or SPA thermostat knob (depending on which body of water you are preparing to heat).
    • Turn the selected pool or spa thermostat dial clockwise to its highest setting. As soon as the thermostat setting is above the temperature of the water, the heat pump may begin to operate. Note: if heater does not start immediately, the controller’s 5-minute time delay may be enabled; allow 5-minutes for the time delay to cycle.
  3. Ensure Uninterrupted Pump Operation During Initial Warm-Up:
    • Permit your pool or spa circulation pump to run continuously until the desired water temperature is reached (with a pool, this may take several days).
    • Continuous pump operation will likely require temporarily resetting (or removing completely) the trippers on the time clock, thus allowing nonstop operation. When an external electronic controller operates pumps and valves, follow the controller manufacturer’s instructions to ensure temporary, uninterrupted pump operation.
    • Throughout the initial warm-up period, keep the selected pool or spa thermostat dial set clockwise to its highest setting.
  4. Desired Water Temperature Reached- Set Thermostat to Maintain:
    • Once the desired water temperature has been achieved, rotate the thermostat knob very slowly counterclockwise until the heater (just) shuts off.
    • The heater will automatically maintain your pool or spa at the selected temperature.
  5. Return Pump Timer Controls to Normal Settings:
    • Reset pump timer controls for normal, daily hours of operation (usually 6-to-8 hours/day).
    • During cooler or cold weather conditions, it may become necessary to extend the daily hours of pump operation; doing so will help the heater to keep up with increased heat losses.
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