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Is There A Cover Available For The Digital Control Pad On My Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Is There a Cover Available for The Digital Control Pad on My Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

AquaCal swimming pool heat pumps are built with corrosion resistant cabinets and titanium heat exchangers. This prevents damage from the sun’s strong UV rays and from corrosion, especially in coastal locations and areas that experience severe summers, such as Florida.

While these features protect the case and extend the life of the heat exchangers, the digital control pad may be more vulnerable to extreme weather. Although weather-related damage to the control pad is rare, and usually occurs slowly over time, many pool owners wonder if there is a product that can keep their control pads looking new for as long as possible. Actually, there is.

Even though you do not need to cover your control panel—they are built to withstand the elements, AquaCal offers an aftermarket control panel cover for owners who want an added layer of protection. The cover installs easily on your HeatWave SuperQuiet heat pump. The cover is made of clear plastic, has stainless a steel hinge, and attaches easily to your existing display. In addition to protecting your panel from the elements, the AquaCal control panel cover is also lockable, which can prevent tampering.

You can order the cover directly from AquaCal.

In our response to customer concerns over the long-term effects of the elements, our new units will include a more durable display panel that will protect the display from the harshest UV rays and detrimental effects of the weather.

IMG_3982  Pool heater panel cover

In addition to protecting your control pad, we suggest that you protect your entire swimming pool system through regular maintenance. Proper maintenance, performed by qualified personnel, will ensure that your swimming pool system operates properly for many years to come.  Any questions or comments? Drop us a line we love to hear from you!

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    1. Hello Graham,
      Please look for local dealers in your area under the "where to buy" tab on our website. They can help you find this part. If you have questions, please call us at 727-823-5642.

  1. When I am heating my pool should I continue heating through the night? I also just installed a solar cover. The temp has been dripping down to 40 degrees. Please advise.

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