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An Explanation Of AquaCal’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump Domestic Warranty

An Explanation of AquaCal’s Swimming Pool Heat Pump Domestic Warranty

AquaCal has been producing quality swimming pool heat pumps since 1981. Manufactured in St. Petersburg, FL. They have been known in the market for having one of the most comprehensive and robust warranties available for their units. In this article, we will detail their accessory warranty, part warranty after equipment warranty has ended, heat pump warranty and their extended labor warranty.

Accessory Warranty

AquaCal’s accessory warranty is effective for items purchased after January 1st, 2008. It covers heat pump accessories to the original owner and installation site to be free of defects for one year. This warranty starts the date of purchase therefore, keeping all of your purchasing documents is imperative to show proof of purchase. If proof of purchase is not available, the parts warranty coverage will begin sixty days after manufacturing date.

The accessory warranty is valid for parts and on-site labor charges to remove and/or repair the defective components due to manufacturing workmanship, it does not include transportation charges and the defective parts can be replaced with refurbished parts at their discretion. You must have prior authorization from AquaCal and the repair must be done by an authorized service agent, to read more about AquaCal’s accessory warranty please click accessory_warranty.


Parts Warranty after Equipment Warranty Has Ended

This warranty segment is for parts purchased and replaced after the original warranty for the equipment has ended and have been purchased from an authorized dealer after January 1st, 2013.

The warranty covers failures due to workmanship and it is not to be used in conjunction with any other warranties. Like with the accessories warranty, the owner would be liable for the freight of the parts back to the manufacturer should this be necessary and it also does not include any travel expenses for the technician replacing the part. Again, it is important that the parts be purchased from an authorized dealer and that you hold on to the receipt, if purchased from a non-authorized dealer, this would void the warranty.

The warranty is also void if damage is due to freezing conditions, abuse, or incorrect installation. If you would like to read more about winterizing your pool to avoid damage to your swimming pool please click here.

All information regarding this warranty please click here.

Heat Pump Warranty

The chart above shows you AquaCal’s warranty not just on their SuperQuiet heat pumps but also on their Water Source, TropiCal heat pumps. This again, is for units within the United States.

As per the other warranties detailed above, this warranty includes parts and on-site labor charges. It does not, however, cover for transportation charges for equipment and/or travel charges for the service technician. The factory may find it necessary to have the parts send back to their location, should that be the case the homeowner is also responsible for freight prepaid charges.

Any claims for reimbursement need to be pre-approved by AquaCal and service must be performed by an authorized service agent. Failure to do so would void the warranty. The same with the parts used for servicing, purchasing those from a non-authorized dealer would also void the warranty.

Water chemistry also plays a very important part in keeping your pool, not just safe for swimming, but also to make sure that your warranty is not void due to water chemical unbalance. Any damage to the equipment due to water’s balance can also void your warranty. If you would like to read more about pool water balancing please click here.

Extended Labor Warranty (Florida Only)

AquaCal offers an extended warranty to Florida residents anywhere from 2 to 5 years which is also transferable with ownership changes. This extended warranty includes:

  • Internal parts installed by the original manufacturer
  • Does not include controllers and piping
  • Repairs of leaks internal of unit
  • Equipment must be maintained in accordance with the service requirements from the original warranty to keep the service contract in force.
  • Only for residential and commercial air-source systems.
  • Extended warranty is only valid in the state of Florida
  • Does not include refrigerant.

To inquire about AquaCal’s extended warranty program please click here.


All air-source manufacturers have warranties for their units. We at AquaCal like to be as transparent as possible so you know exactly what type of coverage you are getting when you purchase one of our swimming pool heat pumps.

Along with one of the best available warranty programs in the market we also provide you with an extended warranty service and all of the repairs are performed by authorized technicians from either our plant or service people that are trained not just on our units but most other brand of heat pumps available.

Please feel free to leave any feedback or questions you may have below, if you would like to read more about our warranty please click here.

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