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The TropiCool™ Water Chiller is designed to lower the temperature of your swimming pool to a refreshing and enjoyable experience throughout the summer. A heat pump gives you consistent performance, while other cooling systems struggle to keep up in humid climates.

  • Set your desired temperature to maintain
  • Small footprint fits almost anywhere
  • Very quiet operation
  • Helps conserve water, does not work on evaporation
  • Consistent performance regardless of humidity
  • Titanium heat exchanger impervious to harsh water chemistry
  • Ability to chill as low as 45° F for cold plunge pools
    • TC1000 for cold plunge up to 3,500 gallons
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Minimum Circuit Ampacity36.9
Maximum Fuse Size60
Water Flow Min/Max (gpm)30-70
Physical Dimensions (in)38" x 28" x 40"
Shipping Weight (lbs)285
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pdf iconBrochure 60Hz
Minimum Circuit Ampacity26.136.9
Maximum Fuse Size4560
Water Flow Min/Max (gpm)30/6030/70
Physical Dimensions (in)36" x 24" x 31"38" x 28" x 40"
Shipping Weight (lbs)215285
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